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Saving a daughter’s life

Daw Wah Wah
Thank you all for supporting the Community Partners International Help Stop Malaria in Burma Campaign! Because of your generosity, CPI has reached their $5,000 goal. Your kindness helped purchase malaria medicine for a family like Daw Wah Wah’s — she is extremely grateful:

I am 40 years old, from Kyauk Hpyar village. I have three children. This village is in malaria endemic areas and many people die of malaria, as there is no health care center. My eldest son died of malaria at age three. Last year my younger daughter got a high fever. My neighbor said, ‘You should go to [CPI] Village Health Worker (VHW). She has attended training in town and can do malaria testing and provide the treatment free of charge.’

The VHW tested my daughter’s blood with a rapid diagnostic test and educated me on how to take the malaria medicine, how to care for my daughter, and how to prevent malaria, such as using an impregnated bed net to prevent mosquito breeding.

My daughter felt better after taking the malaria medicine. I realized that if the VHW had been in our village at the previous time, my son would not die of malaria, or other people also. I am deeply thankful to the VHWs and the donors supporting VHW activities.

Thank you all again for your support of Daw Wah Wah and CPI!

(photo: Kuhn Minn Ohn)

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