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Tun completely recovered

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Thank you all for supporting Community Partners International as they work to prevent malaria in Burma. Your donations supported someone like Tun Kuang, who is 34 years old.

Tun earns his living cutting down trees and making charcoal in the forest. “I have to sleep in the forest, but I didn’t use a bed net because I felt I could not breathe very well.”

“One day I felt very hot and had chills. We are struggling for food and money, and it is very difficult to find transportation to health services. My neighbor suggested I should go to the village malaria worker to get tested. He took my blood, and after 15 minutes he said I had a severe malaria infection. He gave me malaria pills for three days.”

“Frankly I didn’t believe that this short treatment course could cure my illness. I misbelieved that malaria could only be cured by injections and expensive drugs. My wife insisted that I take the pills regularly, and the health worker came to me daily and checked on me.”

“I completely recovered from the malaria infection with three days’ treatment. In addition, because of receiving education from the village health worker, I now recognize that malaria is caused by mosquito bites, and I sleep under the bed net wherever I go.”

Thank you all for your generosity!

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